Hire WordPress Hourly Support ($49/HOUR – 5 hour minimum)

Are you looking for a place where you can get support for all your WordPress needs at a hourly rate? Well this is that exact place.


Common Tasks We Complete With WordPress Hourly Support

Custom Project Work

Have an idea for something that does not exist out there in the WordPress world?

Theme Customization

Get something you want inside your theme custom built or designed.

Plugin Customization

Want to build a plugin or add functionality to an already built plugin?

Full Website Build

Need to get a full site built? We can connect you with the right developer for this.

Installation or Setup

Just want to get something installed or setup properly? Let our developers do it.

SEO Service Needs

Need some help getting your WordPress site setup for SEO? Let our developers do it.

Other Development

If your project does not fit in any category, our developers can surely help.

Consulting or Training

Want to up your WP skills or need something explained? Our developers can offer help.

Server Setup

Need something on your server adjusted to compliment your WordPress site?

This is not the full list of tasks

The list of items above is just a short list of the support requests we handle often. Our service IS NOT limited to this list and we service all issues related to WordPress. Many WordPress issues take less than 30 minutes to fix. This is how we can provide such a high level of instant support at an affordable cost. Piece of mind is knowing your clients will get attention right away.

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