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Enhance your website’s speed and performance with our professional speed service. Our expert team specializes in WordPress speed optimization, delivering faster loading times, improved user experience, and higher search engine rankings. Boost your website’s efficiency and conversions with our tailored speed solutions. Contact us today for reliable and effective speed optimization services.


WordPress Speed Service (Speed Optimization) Results

Some Customer GTmetrix Speed Reports BEFORE & AFTER

Before Test

After Test

Before Test

After Test

Before Test

After Test

What Is Included In Our WordPress Speed Service


Premium Caching Plugin

Our Speed Engineer will install and setup either WP Rocket ($49.99 value) or Swift Performance Pro ($39.99 value) on your site depending on which will yield the best results and the most speed. Plugins come with a lifetime license.

Anti-heartbeat Setup

WordPress Heartbeat API can start sending excessive requests to your server which can lead to high CPU usage. We will make sure the WordPress Heartbeat API is setup and used properly with no SPEED leaks.

Database Optimization

Your database is the sweet spot of all your saved website content and data. Over time databases can become bloated storing tons of info that you site does not need anymore. We will do a detailed optimization of your entire database.

Detailed Plugin Audit

What is WordPress without the use of plugins right? Only draw back is that they can suck major resources from your server and cause your site to load slowly. We will make sure you are using all of the plugins you have active.

Full Image Optimization

Images can be a massive drag on the load time of each page within your website. We will not only optimize all the current images you have but make sure that going forward all images you add to your site will automatically optimized for SPEED.

Hosting Environment Audit

Your hosting environment is a major contributor to speed and host fast or slow your website runs. We will examine all elements of the hosting environment looking for any issues causing speed bottlenecks. This is important information to know.

Your Personal Speed Engineer

You will be assigned your very own Speed Specialist that will not only be there to answer any questions you may have about WordPress speed.

Detailed Optimization Report

WAIT, there’s more… This item is actually our favorite part of our WordPress Speed Optimization Service. You will receive a detailed report on the SPEED OPTIMIZATION of your site. The report will include a snapshot of before we do our magic and details of what has improved after our Speed Engineer has worked through his proven methods of WordPress SPEED INCREASE.


How It Works.


Answer Some Questions

We ask some questions related to Projects in order to clear our concepts.


We Analyse & Plan

After asking questions related to Project, we analyse and plan how to develop project according to requirements of client.


We Deliver & Launch

After development of Project according to satisfaction of client, We Deliver and Launch.

Our guarantee is super simple

  • bcw  We will not require any more than $157 (One Time Cost) for this service
  • bcw  Your speed up will be assigned and started immediately
  • bcw  We will work diligently making sure your site is fast
  • bcw  We will provide details of everything we completed
  • bcw  We will show you before and after speed tests
  • bcw  If we are unable to improve speed, you will get a refund

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress speed optimization is crucial because website speed directly impacts user engagement, search engine rankings, and conversion rates. Faster websites provide a better user experience, leading to increased visitor satisfaction, longer site visits, and higher chances of conversions. Additionally, search engines like Google consider page speed as a ranking factor, so optimizing your WordPress site for speed can improve its visibility in search results.

Several factors can impact the speed of a WordPress website, including:

  • Hosting quality and server performance.
  • Website theme and design complexity.
  • Unoptimized or bulky images, videos, and other media files.
  • Excessive use of plugins and inefficient coding.
  • Lack of caching mechanisms or improper caching configuration.
  • Unoptimized database queries and slow database performance.

There are various online tools available to measure the speed of your WordPress website, such as Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, Pingdom Tools, and WebPageTest. These tools analyze your website’s performance, provide detailed reports, and suggest improvements to enhance its speed.

Some commonly employed techniques for WordPress speed optimization include:

  • Caching: Implementing caching mechanisms like browser caching, page caching, and object caching to store and serve frequently accessed content more efficiently.
  • Image optimization: Compressing and resizing images without compromising quality, using appropriate image formats, lazy loading, and leveraging Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to deliver images faster.
  • Minification and concatenation: Reducing the size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files by removing unnecessary characters, white spaces, and combining multiple files into a single file.
  • Plugin management: Evaluating and removing unnecessary or resource-intensive plugins, as well as optimizing the remaining plugins for better performance.
  • Database optimization: Optimizing database queries, removing unused data, and using database caching techniques to improve database performance.
  • Hosting optimization: Choosing a reliable and fast hosting provider with optimized server configurations for WordPress websites.

While there are many optimization techniques you can implement yourself, hiring a professional WordPress speed optimization service can be beneficial. Professionals have expertise in identifying specific performance bottlenecks, implementing advanced optimizations, and ensuring best practices are followed. They can save you time and effort, provide personalized solutions, and deliver better results for improving your website’s speed and performance.

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